A typical ritual for Litha could be similar to the following. Perform your ritual  during the
bright, sunny daytime hours, we are after all, celebrating the sun and  summer. It is good
to begin at precisely the astronomical time the Summer  Solstice actually begins. The
exact time that the sun enters Cancer, marking the precise moment of the beginning of
summer. For this year, 2009, the sun enters Cancer at 2:45 a.m. Central Standard Time.

This particular Litha Ritual contains a cleansing/purification of Self, a Pet Blessing, a
Re-Dedication Ceremony and a Consecration of your Magickal Jewelry. You can and are
expected to adjust these ideas and add your own creativity to personalize your altar to fit
you and your needs. Remember, there is no set way of doing things. If it feels right to
you, then it is right. The idea is to enjoy what you are doing and always honor the God
and Goddess on the Sabbats.

Prior to the ritual, prepare a small cloth pouch of herbs, such as lavender and
chamomile. As you prepare it, pour into it your troubles, problems, pains, sorrows and
illnesses. Place it on your altar for later use. In addition to your basic altar and circle
set-up, place the cauldron in front of the altar. To the right of the cauldron, place a red
candle and to the left of the cauldron place a green candle. Have a cup of fresh spring
water ready to place into the cauldron later in the ceremony. If you choose to include a
Pet Blessing, have a picture of your pet and his/her Blessing Gift and place it upon your
pentacle paten.

Sweep the area, starting in the North and moving deosil, with your magickal broom to
cleanse the circle area
and "sweep away" any lingering negative energies. Set up the Quarter Candles
(North-Green, East-Yellow,  South-Red, West-Blue) and/or any other items symbolizing
the elements at the Four Quarters that you may prefer.

Set up your altar facing it to the North. Cover it with a white or golden-yellow altar cloth.
For this ceremony, decorate the altar with seasonal flowers - especially sunflowers
although any flowers are fine (silk are also acceptable), along with whatever else feels
right. This is your personal space and you should make it comfortable for you.

In addition to your usual tools and props your altar should have:
Golden Yellow Altar Cloth
The Small Cloth Pouch of Herbs (that you prepared earlier) such as Lavender and
Cauldron, with a cup of fresh Spring Water, ready to place into it later
Red Sun God Candle in a holder to the right of the cauldron
Green Earth Goddess Candle in a holder to the left of the cauldron
Your Pet's Picture, a picture will be easier to control at the appropriate time. But let your
pet/s roam
in and out of the circle as you proceed with your ritual. There is no need to "open" or
"close" the circle
for your pet/s coming and going, they pass through the circle with no problem and they
do not break
the circle as a person would.
Your Pet's Blessing Gift
Incense - Summer Blend - any combination of Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood,
Lemon, Pine,     
Jasmine, Rose, Lotus or Wysteria

When all is set up, take a shower or bath for purification and dress in your ritual attire.
Be sure to
wear your magickal jewelry then sit quietly and meditate for a little while, to ground and
When you are ready to begin, play some quiet peaceful music for the ritual and cast your

Pick up your wand (or use the forefinger of your power hand), face the South and
"I celebrate the noon of Summer with this rite held in honor of the Blazing God of the
All of nature vibrates with the fertile energies of the Goddess and the God.
The Earth is bathed with the warmth and light and life of the Sun.
The Wheel of the Year turns again...
Since Yule the light has been growing ever stronger.
At Ostara the light finally became greater than the dark,
and the light has kept on growing until today,
the middle of the time of light, Litha, Midsummer.
From here, the light begins to fade again, until once more,
the Wheel will turn to darkness and Yule will return.
Today the Sun is high,  the Light is bright, the Earth is warm.
As the Lord of the Sun blazes above,
the Fires of my celebration shall flame below."

Return the wand to its place on the altar. Light the green candle to the left of the
cauldron, saying:
"O Green Forest Mother, Meadow Mother,
Great One of the Stars and the Moon, Spinner of Fates,
I give honor to you, and ask your Blessings here."

Light the red candle to the right of the cauldron, saying:
"O Great Red Sun God, Forest Father,
God of Fertility and Plenty, be here with me now.
I give honor to you, and ask your Blessings here."

Lift the small pouch of herbs from the altar, hold it aloft, saying:
"O fiery Sun, burn away the useless,
the hurtful, the troublesome, the painful,
the sickness, and ill luck.

Hold it over the main altar candle to light it afire. When it is burning, drop it into
the cauldron, saying:
"By the powers of the Great Goddess and the Great God,
by the powers of the Great Spirit of I-Am,
by the powers of Earth, Air, Fire and Water,
and by the powers of the Sun, Moon and Stars

Visualize the negative energies burning away to nothing. When the pouch and the
herbs have been consumed by the flames, slowly pour the cup of spring water
into the cauldron on top of the ashes, saying:
"As the Phoenix rises from the ashes,
so let this water be pure and new,
for this is the sacred cauldron of the Triple Goddess.
O Great Mother Goddess, bless this water,
so that its touch may bless and renew,
even as the rays of the Midsummer Sun
nourish and bless all life."

Place your magickal jewelry upon the pentacle, sprinkle it lightly with salted water
, then pass it through the flame of the candle and the smoke of the incense, put
each item on, saying:
"This/these magickal emblems/s
I shall wear for all things magickal.
Bless this/these (say the name of the item, such as pendant)
O Great Goddess and Great God,
that I may be blessed and protected
in all ways whenever I shall wear it/them."

Do this for each article of jewelry you wish to consecrate. Do the same with your
pets blessing gift, but return it to the pentacle for now.

Pass your hands and arms between the two candles, over the cauldron, making
wishes for luck, health, prosperity and many other good things for your life.

At this time you may wish to bless pets or other animals in your life by moving the
candles out away from the cauldron and leading each animal between the candle flames
(being careful of the flames), or you may do the same with the picture of your pet/s. As
you do this, say:
"By these symbols of the Midsummer bonfires,
I do bless this animal friend and companion,
(say the animals name), in the ways of my ancestors,
that he/she may be blessed with health and goodness
throughout his/her years upon the Earth."

Place the consecrated and blessed amulet around the animal's neck, preferably on their

Kneel before the altar, place a pinch of salt on your tongue and say:
"I, (magickal name), rededicate myself to the Pagan Way,
to the Goddess and the God,
who together form the Great spirit, I-Am,
whose combined power is strong and vital here.
I give my word, my bond to follow the ancient paths
that lead to true wisdom and knowledge.

I will serve the Great Goddess,
and give reverence to the Great God.
I am a Pagan, a Witch, a Wiccan...
a stone of the ancient circle,
standing firmly balanced upon the earth,
yet open to the winds of the heavens,
and enduring through time.

May the Blessed Goddess and God witness my words."

Face the North and say:
"Behold, O Powers of Earth, Spirits of the North,
I, (magickal name),
rededicate myself to the Lady of the Moon,
and the Lord of the Sun."

Face the East and say:
"Behold, O Powers of Air, Spirits of the East,
I, (magickal name),
rededicate myself to the Lady of the Moon,
and the Lord of the Sun."

Face the South and say:
"Behold, O Powers of Fire, Spirits of the south,
I, (magickal name),
rededicate myself to the Lady of the Moon,
and the Lord of the Sun."

Face the West and say:
"Behold, O Powers of Water, Spirits of the West,
I, (magickal name),
rededicate myself to the Lady of the Moon,
and the Lord of the Sun."

Face your altar once more and dip the forefinger of your power hand into the
cauldron water and trace a pentagram and/or a crescent moon on your forehead,
"Let my mind be open to the truth."

Anoint your lips, saying:
"Let my lips speak the truth, except that they be silent among the unbelievers where
there may be harm."

Anoint your heart, saying:
"Let my heart seek the ways of the goddess always."

Anoint the centers of your palms, saying:
"Let my hands be gifted to work in magickal ways."

Anoint the soles of your feet, saying:
"Let my feet ever walk upon the sacred paths."

Now is the time for meditation and any spell workings you may desire to do to end your
sun celebration.

Good Midsummer spell workings include: Prosperity, good health, fertility, good

When you have finished and you are ready, follow your ritual with the Cakes & Ale
Finally, release the quarters and open the circle and revel in the wonderful work you have

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