The full Moon that shines closest to Mabon (2009 it will be the full Moon of
October 4th) is called the Harvest or Wine Moon in North America, and its
The Harvest Moon marks the longest reaping period of the year, one that
features grapes and other base fruits used in wines. Many European fruits and
wines are sacred to deities. Blackberries are sacred to Ireland's Brigid, and in
Rome, Bacchus embodies the spirit of Mediterranean wines. In the Middle East,
past and present, dark red wines are mixed liberally with natural sugars and
consecrated for use as sacraments in religious settings.

Set aside a libation for your patron deity under the Harvest Moon.

Grape and berry, wine and beer,
All hail Bacchus, toast harvest cheer!
With barley blessed beer, and sacred wine rare,
All hail Bacchus and abandon all care.
                        -Edain McCoy
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