Ostara Oil

1 drop Almond
1 drop Patchouli
1 drop Elder
1 drop Lavender
1 drop Violet

Ostara Loose Incense Recipe

2 parts frankincense
2 parts sandalwood
1 part lemongrass
1 part patchouli
1 part lavender

Both of these magickal scents smell so great..you will want to use them often!

Ostara Incense
Recipe by Scott Cunningham

2 parts Frankincense
1 part Benzoin
1 part Dragon's Blood
1/2 part Nutmeg
1/2 part Violet flowers (or a few drops Violet oil)
1/2 part Orange peel
1/2 part Rose petals

Burn during Wiccan rituals on Ostara (the Spring Equinox, which varies from March
20th to the 24th each year), or to welcome the spring and refresh your life.

Ostara Offering Incense Recipe

1 teaspoon ground Rose Bud herb
1 teaspoon ground Vervain herb
1 teaspoon Myrrh Granular Incense
1 teaspoon Granular Frankincense Tears

Grind up the herbs with a Mortar and Pestle, making sure they are
completely dry. Mix them together with the Myrhh and Frankincense
Granular Incenses. Light the blend and while it burns meditate on your
desires for the upcoming Spring, focusing on the Green Goddess and the
renewal she brings with her.

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Ostara Incense
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