Ostara Ritual

Burn incense such as orange bergamot, lavender, lily, mint or sage. Use a handheld fan
or large feather to disperse the incense as you walk. Flute or other wind instrument
playing in the background would be appropriate.

A pot or planter filled with rich soil, some seeds (from your harvest is best) or
seedlings and four stones, one for each element. For Earth use green agate, coal,
green jasper or salt. For Air use aventurine, pumice or mica. For Fire use red agate,
amber, bloodstone or carnelian. For Water use blue agate, aquamarine, coral or lapis.
If you have an outdoor garden where you can work, hold the ritual outside. Anoint
yourself with patchoulli oil to honor the Fire element. If possible, perform the ritual
at dawn, the time of beginnings. Place a raw egg on the altar as a symbol of spring


Cover the altar with a yellow cloth, honoring the Air element and Eostre.
Prepare a bowl of fragrant petals from early blossoming flowers and small
feathers (check your local craft store), and leave it on one corner of the
altar. Pale green candles are a good
choice for divine representations,
because this is the color of new plant growth.


Incense, incense burner, chalice of consecrated water, salt, pentacle, athame
or sword, four element candles (Yellow for East/Air, Red for South/Fire, Blue
for West/Water, Green for North/Earth), a packet of seeds for each quarter,
cauldron, white Ostara candle, chalice of wine (or grape juice), wan
d, a bowl for
ixing salt and water. Colored eggs and spring flowers for decoration.


Set up your altar, take your ritual bath, cast your circle and call in the
elements. Make sure you have an area with working space protected from
possible spills with a tray to hold the potting materials..


Pour some of the water into the bowl to mix with salt then set aside the rest
of the water for later. Cast your circle in the usual manner, using a salt water
blend and incense to cleanse and consecrate your ritual area. Call the
watchtowers by lighting the candle at each quarter. Pick up the corresponding
seed packet and pass it in a deosil (clockwise) circle around the candle as

you evoke its element. When calling the quarters, say:

Power of Air, spring breezes come
Bless these seeds with energy
Bless me too, that I may grow
In knowledge, balance, clarity.

South: Power of Fire, warmth of Sun
Bless these seeds with energy
Bless me too, that I may grow
In courage, will, integrity.

West: Power of Water, flow of life
Bless these seeds with energy
Bless me too, that I may grow
In love, compassion, empathy

North: Power of Earth, new life awakes
Bless these seeds with energy
Bless me too, that I may grow
In discipline, strength, stability.

As you light the white candle on your altar, invoke Ostara, saying:

Ostara, Maiden of Spring I call
Bright, fresh presence come to me
Bless these seeds and bless me too,
To grow in health and energy.
Guide me to my highest good
This is my will, so mote it be!

Pass each seed packet three times around the Ostara candle. Focus on your
growth in energy, health and spirit as you help your seeds grow by carefully
planting them and watering them with the rest of the consecrated water
from the chalice. When the plants are in the soil, take a deep breath and hold
your hands cupped above the Ostara candle flame. (Use caution when you
hold your hands over the flame and don't get too close!). Feel the warmth and
energy, gradually expanding your hands outward. Focus and then draw the
energy down toward the planters/pots, sending it into the soil and seeds.
After you have thanked Ostara and the four elemental guardians and closed
your circle, place the planters in a sunny window and water them as needed
until they have grown sufficiently and the weather permits moving them
outdoors to transplant in the ground.

As you watch the plants sprout and grow, renew your energy and commitment
to also grow in your goals and in spirit.
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